Rapidsurf is a brand of Duabel Technology Co. based out of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

Our focus as Rapidsurf, is providing value to businesses using the technology of the web, and fulfilling the potential of well managed web services catering to each customer’s requirements. By providing best in class web services we also strive to improve the client’s capability, thereby helping them achieve their business objectives.

Duabel Technology Co. founders, with their experience in businesses across the middle east, have realized that companies prefer to deal with strategic partners, who not only offer a wide range of web services but also provide other related IT products and services, which integrate seamlessly to offer maximum value to their business. Rapidsurf has hence been positioned in this manner.

We understand that attracting and keeping customers is at the heart of business survival. That is why we strive for excellent customer service and this brings great competitive advantage. To ensure reliability and high standards of service we strive for commitment to our core values:

We think of you.

By remaining customer focused we see things from the customer perspective and this allows us to deliver ideal solutions based on genuine requirements.

We provide value.

All of our products and services are designed to add value to our customers businesses or personal technology requirements.

We got your back.

We stand by each product or service provided to our customers and will do the utmost to ensure customer satisfaction.